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Prayers of a Graceful Gladiator: Scriptures to Pray Over My Identity

In this 11 PAGE E-BOOK you will discover 14 of the promises that God has made to His daughters regarding our identity! Each promise comes with a correlating scripture, and a written prayer for you to follow so you can begin to pray the scriptural promise into and over your life!


Also included:

  • A single prayer that encompasses all 14 promises to say each day (screenshot for your phone, or print and keep in eyesight!)
  • Prayer FAQ
  • Journal space

This E-Book is perfect for any woman who is:

  • Seeking to know God's will for her life
  • Eagerly looking to deepen her intimacy with God
  • Unsure of how to pray scripture effectively
  • Needing guidance as she begins her prayer life



"There has never been a more important time for us women to know that we are empowered through God's word;  it is time to equip ourselves with scriptural truths to pray daily over our lives!"

Hannah Place

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